I’m Efrat Wolfson

and my utmost passion in life is to inspire you to

Live from your deepest truth

Love yourself fully

And relate to others with that same empathy, honesty and compassion

you extend to yourself…

I’ve been called an Energy-Bomb, an Inspirer, a Dream-Weaver, a Miracle-Worker, a Dancer of Life

But do you think I’ve always been like this?! NO WAY!

At the age of 27 I went through a big personal crisis in my life. My self-worth levels were literally scraping the floor and I had absolutely no idea how to lift myself out of this depression and crisis.

And yet I DID

Slowly but surely, I picked myself up;

started working again in a job that I loved (more about that later);

kept learning and practising with many teachers of various schools and traditions;

(such as Non-violent Communication, A Course in Miracles, and more);

founded a Community-Eco Centre in Shdema Village (Israel);

surrounded myself with people that I absolutely love and admire (and vice versa);

touched the lives of so many people through my work and community projects….

Then life became really messy again and our family moved from Israel to Mullumbimby, Australia

(long story – maybe I’ll share it with you someday if you ask)

And since 2014 I’ve started my own practice

I work with couples, individuals, schools & communities

on how to turn conflict, messiness and confusion in their lives

into powerful transformation processes.

Most importantly, I believe in Walking my Talk! 

I Implement the tools that I share Every Single Day. 

AND I Mess Up the tools I share – Every Single Day too! 🙂

This is NOT about Being Perfect

It’s about experimenting, playing, making LOTS of mistakes,

apologising, growing, letting go of perfectionism,

and expanding in our capacity to love….

And on a more “formal” note:

I’m originally from Israel,

I joined the Israeli-Palestinian peace movement when I was 15 and have been active in it ever since.

In 2004, I started working as a Conflict Transformation Counsellor and facilitator of Palestinian-Israeli conflict & dialogue encounters for youth and adults
(mainly through the wonderful Windows For Peace NGO).

In 2009 I completed a Masters degree in Human Rights Education from Curtin University, Perth.

In 2011 I co-founded “Shdemama″ – a Community Eco-Centre in Shdema Village, Israel, where we experiment as a community with sustainable ways of living and communicating.

I have been living in Australia since 2013, where I have worked with men, women, couples, schools & communities – exploring together practical, creative ways to build loving, connected relationships.

In 2017 I started a certification process with Dr. Saida Desilets and I am now a certified Desilets Method Counsellor for Feminine Sexual Wellbeing –  teaching women how to connect with their feminine and sexual energy, as a source of Feminine Power, vitality and passion – you can check it out here!